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 Mickey Mouse Bullfighter BULLY Small Figure 7cm (sold out)  Donald Duck small figure with stamp 8cm (sold out)  Thumper BULLY Small Figure 5cm (sold out)  Micky Maus 42/1998 (with supplements / very fine VF+) (sold out)  Navigating Nephews (Huey, Dewey and Louie Figurine) Duck Tales  Thumper Mini Figurine (BRITTO)  Micky Maus 26/1991 (without supplements / fine FN-) (sold out)  Money Bank Donald Duck 15cm (sold out)  Micky Maus 39/1967 (without supplement / very good/fine VG/FN) (sold out)  Mickey Mouse Policeman BULLY Small Figure 7cm (sold out)  Donald Duck with Easter Egg BULLY small figure (Var.: Yellow Dots) 6cm (sold out)  Frog advertising figure (ERDAL) 3cm (sold out)  Becher Mickey Film Strip  Looney Tunes mugs set (6 mugs) (sold out)  Stamp subset "World Cup ‘España 82'" 6 values / Dominica (sold out)  Stamp subset "Christmas 1983 Santa Claus is Coming to Town" 6 values / Caicos Islands (sold out)  Stamp subset History of Communications 6 values / Bhutan 1984  "Easter 1984" 6 values / Grenada Grenadines 1984 (sold out)  Stamp subset "The Twelve Days of Christmas 1982" 6 values / Lesotho 1982 (sold out)  Stamp subset "The Brave Little Tailor / The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" 9 values stamped / Mongolei 1987 (sold out)

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