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Enesco has closed its warehouse until about the middle of April. This means that most of Dreidreizehn's figures are no longer available for the time being. We have removed all non-deliverable items from our assortment for this time. Conversely, this means that all items currently offered by Dreidreizehn are in stock and available for delivery.

Disney by Britto

Romero Britto

Romero Britto has interpreted some of the world's favourite Disney characters in eye-catching figurines - of various sizes; and as useful home accessories too - all in his flamboyant signature style.

Each figurine is made from resin, has a high gloss finish, and presented in a branded gift box. Figurine and accessory alike - all are carefully hand-painted and some are even be finished with sparkly glitter or shiny jewels.

© Disney BRITTOTM © 2019 Britto Central, Inc.

Banner Enchanting Disney Collection

Miss Mindy

Miss Mindy’s world is a circus of the unexpected. Her extravagant kingdom re-imagines Disney’s most iconic, beloved and now evil characters and presents them in a new collection.

The new group of wicked villains includes the original wicked Queen from Snow White and the slightly more up-to-date Cruella, Queen of Hearts and the magnificent Maleficent! All brought more scarily to life by using vinyl which allows sculptors to have much more control and show much more detail!

On a more friendly level…there is Rapunzel, the lost Princess from Disney’s Tangled and Pascal, her pet chameleon who lives with Rapunzel in the secluded tower.

© Disney © Miss Mindy

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