Richter Rechtso ("Fancy Fuxies") FERRERO Kinder Surprise Egg Figure 4cm

Richter Rechtso (Fancy Fuxies) FERRERO Kinder Surprise Egg Figure 4cm
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    Item No.: FS2336
    Manufacturer: Ferrero
    Format: H: 4cm (1.6″)
    Material: PVC. Hand painted.
    Shipping weight: 7g (0.25ounces)
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Products description

Kinder eggs figure Richter Rechtso from the series 'Fancy Fuxies'. Ferrero, 1998.

»For the Fancy Fuxies, our cunning foxes, there is only one thing to do: play robbers and gendarmes. As soon as Nik Neugier, the cunning master detective, intervenes, things get exciting: He has a hot lead that leads him directly to one of the little crooks! Ulli Unschuld of course pretends again that he has nothing to do with the matter: Who has just stuck this stolen goose under his arm...! But he can't fool a real fox like Fritz Furchtlos! No one can slip through the fingers of such a nimble policeman! Meanwhile Fred Findig has found evidence at the "crime scene" that Benny Bohrer has his fingers in the pie again. Too bad that there was something completely different in the cash register than he had hoped for. Danny Durchbruch has a very unusual hobby: as soon as the cozy guard Toni Tiefschlaf in his chair, he starts digging his way to freedom. I wonder if he will make it this time? Anyway, in the evening the game is over and our Fancy Fuxies already make plans for the next day.«
WARNING! Not suitable for children under 3 years.
Condition:  0-1

Condition 0 (mint MT)

New with perfect painting.

Condition 0-1 (near mint NM)

New, display case piece, may have minimal defects in the painting / minimal storage traces / slight plasticizer defects.

Condition 1 (very fine VF)

Used, very good condition, slight signs of wear and tear.

Condition 2 (very good/fine VG-FN)

Used, good condition, has been used/played with, slight or medium colour abrasion.

Condition 3 (good GD )

For the age in quite good condition, played on with recognizable colour abrasion, but still worth collecting.

Condition 4-6 (bad)

Heavily used or unsightly, only offered because it is rare, old oder special.

Marking (sigles, labels, embossings, stamps)
  • Year 1998
  • Company Name Ferrero, Frankfurt/Main
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