Walt Disney's World of Fantasy (Adrian Bailey)

Walt Disneys World of Fantasy (Adrian Bailey)
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    Item No.: BD2253
    Author: Adrian Bailey
    Editor: Chartwell Books, Inc.
    Year: 1982
    ISBN: 0-89009-754-2
    Binding/Color: Hardcover, no dust cover, color
    Pages: 256
    Format: WxH 23,5x29,8cm (9.2x11.7″)
    Language: English
    Shipping weight: 1,57kg (3.5pounds)
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Products description

A huge art book on Disney with lots of large format pictures of art from classic animated shorts, animated features, live action films, and Disneyland. The animated artwork is incredible with a wealth of inspiration sketches, background, and cels that are not in other books. The same goes for the live action films.

The Disneyland pictures are very special, lots of development and construction photos along with pictures of vintage attractions long gone like the big pirate ship in Fantasyland. Tthe Disney artists and employees are named in many of the pictures. Photos of animators and WED imagineers like Fred Ward, Jack Kinney, Ward Kimball, Bill Justice, Bill Reed, Claude Coats, John Hench, matte artist Peter Ellenshaw, studio composer Oliver Wallace, and many more.
    • Introduction
    • Kansas Corn
    • Ten Thousand Drawings
    • Cat and Mouse
    • Gift of the Gag
    • Whistle While You Work
    • Pure Gold
    • Happily Ever After
    • Index
    Condition: Good specimen. Cover/title pages slightly soiled, title pages slightly loose in binding.

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