Al Taliaferro Facsimile "Car Wash (1956)"

Al Taliaferro Facsimile Car Wash (1956)
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Al Taliaferro Facsimile Car Wash (1956)
Al Taliaferro Facsimile Car Wash (1956)
Al Taliaferro Facsimile Car Wash (1956)
Al Taliaferro Facsimile Car Wash (1956)
Al Taliaferro Facsimile Car Wash (1956)
    Item No.: DFT1956
    Editor: Dreidreizehn
    Year: 1998
    ISBN: 3-929746-36-0
    Format: WxH 57,5x24cm (22.6x9.4″)
    Print/Paper: 5 colors print / partly masked with foil
    Extras: Edition: 500, num..
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    Facsimile of Taliaferro's original drawing for the Donald-Duck-Daily Jan. 14, 1956. Partly masked with foil (used for screening)! Original size. Incl. passe-partout (67x33cm).
    The Donald Duck Strips by Al Taliaferro are famous for their short, concise wit. No other draughtsman managed to capture a brilliant gag in three to four pictures a day - with few words, often even without any text! Of the few surviving artworks, Edition 313 selected one Daily from each of six years of Taliaferro's work in an exclusive series and reproduced it in 1:1 format on authentic cardboard.

    In order to reproduce the originals faithfully, special processes were used, of which 5-colour printing and foil lamination give the facsimiles of Edition 313 their uniqueness.
    5-colour printing
    • c
    • m
    • y
    • k
    • 5
    The original drawings are provided with sketches and notes, held in fine, mostly blue coloured pencil strokes, for which the repro cameras of the time were 'blind'. Therefore, they were not visible in newspaper printing. When reproducing the artwork, they should be preserved (as should the aging and yellowing of the original cardboard), since this is precisely where Taliaferro's working method can be traced. All facsimiles were therefore produced in 5-colour printing, whereby in addition to the four colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black, a specially mixed paper shade is applied as a fifth colour to the entire surface.
    Foil lamination Taliaferro glued in foil printed with a halftone screen at the areas that were to appear 'grey' in news­paper printing. In addition to those that were completely printed with halftone, he also had half printed films at his disposal. This made it possible for him to cut out and assemble even the smallest areas. He simply took a larger piece of which the required area had the grid and the rest was transparent. In newspaper reproduction, only the screen areas were captured, while the transparent film remained invisible. As the original 50cm wide originals were reduced to newspaper width for printing, the screens appeared as a relatively closed grey area in the print.
    For the facsimile reprint of the artwork for which Taliaferro worked with these raster foils ("Art Exhibit", "Car Wash", "Staircase", "Two Additional Prints"), the film snippets on the original were individually captured and masked on a separate film. Thus it became possible that the foil sections could be laminated on the masked surfaces mechanically with hot foil stamping on the print according to the original.

    Due to the reproduction methods used, the facsimiles can hardly be distinguished from the original. They are marked with a blind embossing of Edition 313 and numbered by hand. All facsimiles are inlaid in a passe-partout. The edition is limited to 500 copies each.
    • No frame
    • With Passe-partout (67x33cm)
    • 5-colour printing
    • Foil lamination


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