New figurines join the Disney Traditions Collection

Two figurines, A Magical Moment and Catch The Wave, are added to the endearing Disney Traditions Collection; which combines the beauty and universal appeal of Disney characters with the artistry of Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek designs. This year, Jim Shore celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of his partnership with Enesco and his enchanting designs are inspired by the vibrant colours and motifs of American folk art.

In A Magical Moment, Mickey Mouse is portrayed on bended knee proposing to Minnie Mouse. The study doubles as a ring tray and additional details such as the heart shaped base, hand painted decoration mean every figurine is different, and the sparkling ring makes this a great t gift for couples and Disney fans alike.

Celebrating another fifteenth anniversary, Catch The Wave marks the success of the popular film Lilo and Stitch. The figurine captures the joy of Disney’s adventurous characters Lilo and Stitch as they surf the majestic Hawaiian seas and hand painted details including Jim Shore’s trademark designs add humour and colour to the captivating scene.
Mickey and Minnie: A Magical Moment
Lilo and Stitch: Catch The Wave

NEW Aladdin pieces from Enesco’s Enchanting Disney Collection

There’s romance, friendship and just a hint of villainy in the latest launch from Enesco’s Enchanting Disney Collection. Set to delight, enchant and captivate are three magical hand-painted figurines celebrating Disney’s classic animated film, Aladdin.
Aladdin: Mischievous Thief (Abu Figurine)
Aladdin: O' Mighty Evil One (Iago & Jafar Figurine)
A Whole New World (Jasmine & Aladdin Figurine)

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16.05.2017: Goofy, Donald and Mickey: Tee­tering Tower

17.05.2017: 50 Years of Friendship (Winnie the Pooh & Piglet)

30.05.2017: Be a Dreamer (Snow White)

31.05.2017: Cheshire Cat Mini Figurine BRITTO

31.05.2017: Stitch Mini Figurine

31.05.2017: Lumière: Ooh La La

31.05.2017: Be Kind (Belle)

31.05.2017: Mickey Mouse with Flowers Mini Figurine

31.05.2017: Lucky Mini Figurine

31.05.2017: Jiminy Cricket Mini Figurine

31.05.2017: Waiting for a Kiss (Ariel & Prince Eric Figurine)

31.05.2017: Built by Friendship (Eeyore, Pooh, Tigger & Piglet Figurine)

31.05.2017: Devilish Dognapper (Cruella)


01.06.2017: Marie Mini Figurine

01.06.2017: Girls Night (Daisy Duck & Minnie Mouse)

01.06.2017: Lilo and Stitch: Catch The Wave

01.06.2017: A Whole New World (Jasmine & Aladdin Figurine)

01.06.2017: The Main Mouse (Mickey Mouse Statement Figurine)

05.06.2017: To the Rescue (Bernard & Bianca 40th Anniversary Piece)

12.06.2017: Pluto Figurine BRITTO

12.06.2017: Eeyore Mini Figurine

12.06.2017: Bambi & Thumper Figurine

12.06.2017: Cheshire Cat Mini Figurine

23.06.2017: Minnie Mouse

30.06.2017: The Spell Is Broken (Sleeping Beauty Figurine)

30.06.2017: Happily Ever After (Cinderella & Prince Figurine)


13.07.2017: Tigger Mini Figu­rine

13.07.2017: sor­cer­er Mickey

27.07.2017: Love Endures (Beauty and the Beast)

27.07.2017: Mrs Potts and Chip: A Mother's Love

27.07.2017: Esmeralda 20th Anniversary Figurine

27.07.2017: Dopey 80th Anniversary Piece


14.08.2017: Winnie the Pooh Mini Figu­rine

14.08.2017: Pinocchio 75th Anni­ver­sary Piece BRITTO

14.08.2017: Wedding Bliss (Ariel & Prince Eric Figurine)


01.09.2017: Belle in Blue Dress


06.10.2017: Cinderella's Kind Helper (Suzy)

26.10.2017: Live Action Male­ficent Haute Cou­ture Figu­rine


04.07.2017: Beach Buddies (Snoopy & Woodstock)